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Regular dental checkups are very important because there are many conditions that don’t hurt until the situation becomes serious.

Periodontal disease is an infection that affects the tissues and bone that support teeth. Treating the disease in the early stages can help prevent tooth loss. However without a checkup, it can be hard to know if you have periodontal disease without clear symptoms.

So, Don’t Wait Until It Hurts!!

Cavities can form in between teeth. They can only be diagnosed with X-rays in the early stages. Repairing teeth in a timely manner can prevent loss of tooth structure and help you keep your teeth for a lifetime!

Evidence based dentistry has shown us the importance of replacing missing teeth. These options can be discussed with your dental staff, so that you can get the most current procedure to maintain a healthy smile.

Teeth can abscess and infection can seep into the bone at the root tip. Root canal treatment is a great way of repairing a tooth without extracting it. This can only be diagnosed with x-rays by your dentist.

Teeth can be worn down by improper brushing techniques. These areas are then more prone to decay. A dental professional can guide you about the safest techniques of oral hygiene.

Oral health and overall health are closely related. Medical conditions like diabetes can manifest symptoms in the mouth. So can chemotherapy, radiation and certain medications.

These are few of the reasons seeing your Dentist on a regular basis is vital to maintaining a healthy mouth.